Pat & Gill Clements Foundation
Helping build a brighter future
1. What types of organizations/projects does the PG&C Foundation support?
The P&GC Foundation is committed to the advancement of health, wildlife & environmental preservation, and education. For a complete list of projects and organizations that we have supported please visit our grantees page.

2.  Can we still receive funding if our organization is not based in Texas?
It is less common that the foundation funds projects outside of Texas. It can happen at the discretion of the board and will usually coincide with residency of family members of Pat and Gill Clements.

3.  What if I am not a 501c3?
Qualifying organizations are required to have a current tax-exempt status 501-c3 designation.

4.  Do you support general operating expenses?
We prefer not to and will prioritize programming, research, and smaller capital requests. We do understand the need for general operating expenses and will occasionally consider such a grant. 

5.  Do you do multi year grants?
No. We do not provide multi year grants though applicants can re-apply each year. We will potentially fund organizations up to three years in a row and then we request a two-year break before applying again.

6.  What is expected from grantees?
When an organization receives a grant we want to know about successes and challenges throughout the year as well as the impact of the grant. We request a midyear and end year update at a minimum. 

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